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Redlight Remembers ‘Me & You’ With ASTR’s Astral Help

ASTR only just released their sophomore EP Homecoming on Monday, and now the glitchy electro-pop dance duo have teamed up with the limber British producer Redlight for “Me & You,” a track from the DJ born Hugh Pescod’s upcoming full-length X Colour (out on November 13). ASTR’s Zoe Silverman takes vocal duty (“We’re doing it the wrong way,” she sighs over and over and over) as Redlight hopscotches around her with a bells-n-whistles laden post-chorus.

“Me & You” slots into X Colour‘s narrative about a couple as their relationship fissures from the center outwards. Disguised as a lustrous dance floor staple, the song snarls itself around love’s windpipe and squeezes. Stream it below.