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Coroner Finds That Nick Cave’s Teenage Son Died From Fall After Taking LSD

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 10: Musician Nick Cave attends the inquest into his son's death at Brighton Coroner's Court on November 10, 2015 in Brighton, England. Arthur Cave aged 15, fell to his death from a cliff near Brighton, East Sussex in July after consuming a hallucinogenic drug LSD. (Photo by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images)

Nick Cave’s 15-year-old son Arthur died in July following a fall from a cliff, and now an inquest into the teenager’s death has turned up information that LSD was found in his system. Per The Guardian:

The cause of death was from “multiple traumatic injuries due to a fall from a height”, the hearing was told. During the evidence of pathologist Dr Simi George, Brighton’s senior coroner, Veronica Hamilton-Deeley, asked: “The history you had was that LSD was used?” George replied: “Yes.”

Cave and his wife Susie reportedly had to leave the courtroom while Arthur’s injuries and cause of death were read aloud. The entirety of the inquest’s findings can be read here.