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Museyroom Creepily Crescendo on ‘Ballad’

Brooklyn and Philadelphia-based psych-pop trio Museyroom was born in a basement when Jack Donovan and Ben Cohen first started writing and recording songs in 2003. Using a four-track tape recorder, the two seamlessly layered vintage keyboard, saxophone, and acoustic guitar to form catchy pop melodies. After meeting percussionist Matt Coppola, the three officially formed Museyroom, a name inspired by a type of alternate dimension from James Joyce’s iconically enigmatic novel, Finnegan’s Wake.

Staying true to their name, Museyroom immerses listeners in otherworldly soundscapes with undulating harmonies blanketing punchy drum lines. The trio call their music “future nostalgia” on their Facebook page, a term that comes to light in their new track, “Ballad.” It’s an indie-pop number that evokes wistful melancholy through familiarly warm and swelling vocals yet emanates a sense of futuristic unfamiliarity with an abrupt transition into foreign spacious resonance.  The song builds memorable, beguiling hooks reminiscent of The Morning Benders into a slow crescendo before crashing into a tumultuously sweet end.

Pre-order Museyroom’s debut record Pearly Whites, due March 25 via Grind Select Records.

December 11 – New York, NY @ Fulton Stall Market
December 29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle