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Justin Bieber Wore Metallica and Nirvana T-Shirts and Some People Are Mad

Justin Bieber, a popular pop star — who has a reputation for being a bit twerpy and who’s lately been releasing some pretty solid music — recently wore some band t-shirts, and people are mad. They’re mad that he wore t-shirts with their favorite bands on them. That’s what they’re mad at. That he wore some t-shirts.

[articleembed id=”154766″ title=”Every Metallica Song, Ranked” image=”154989″ excerpt=”It's difficult to believe, but we're now farther removed from the release of Metallica's psychotherapy-bred St”]

The controversy (and SPIN uses that word here in the loosest possible terms) really started up when the “What Do You Mean?” singer stopped by Ellen yesterday wearing a Metallica t-shirt. “Take off the Metallica shirt you dweeb,” Twitter user (and apparent Ellen viewer) @dirtcasket tweeted. “You are a disgrace to music.”

“Justin Bieber wearing a Metallica shirt makes me wanna throw up,” somebody else wrote. “If Justin Bieber can stop wearing Metallica shirts that’d be great… Sincerely, those of us who listen to real music,” proclaimed another user.

Bieber also wore a Nirvana t-shirt earlier this week, and some fans of Kurt Cobain’s iconic band were incensed that the pop star might also enjoy their music. “Justin Bieber wearing a Nirvana shirt is and [sic] oxymoron,” an outraged user tweeted, “…because Nirvana actually makes good music.”

Setting aside the fact that Nirvana ~technically~ doesn’t make music anymore, let’s just chalk the controversy surrounding Bieber’s wardrobe to a matter of taste. (h/t NME)


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