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Deadmau5 and Aaron Carter Will Soon Face Off in a Video-Game Battle

Bear with us: Earlier today, Aaron Carter paused his eternal one-on-one game of hoops with Shaq to upload an Instagram of a track he claimed to have been working on.

At the time of the video’s upload, it did not mention that it was a remix (of sorts?) of Deadmau5’s glitchy 2012 track “The Veldt,” but as you’ll see, fans of the producer came for Carter in his comments, forcing him to change the caption as it appears now. Soon — as happens when the Internet takes control — Deadmau5 was alerted to Carter’s doings. “Y u do this?” he asked in a tweet, to which the “Come Get It” singer responded (verbatim) “I do remix THIS morning and everyone hood on my shit wtf lol homage to @deadmau5 don’t hate appreciate.”

Then Deadmau5 challenged Carter to a video-game battle (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), Carter agreed, Deadmau5 lobbed some insults his way… It got messy. It’s ongoing, too. Twitter fingers turn to joystick fingers and all. Catch some of their exchange below.