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Every Line From Sky Ferreira’s Award-Worthy Turn in ‘The Green Inferno’

After two years spent in production limbo due to financial issues, The Green Inferno finally hits theaters this week. Directed by gore guru Eli Roth, the gut-gripping (literally) film explores ignorant American college kids — like those brutally humbled in Roth’s Hostel series — wishing to halt the domination of Third-World societies by unsympathetic developers in the Amazon. But instead of the expected ego boost that’d come from their humanitarian mission to Peru, the New York students are tortured, maimed, and eventually eaten by the cannibalistic tribe — one of which they were trying to save, natch.

Aside from the abundant limb-chopping, a lesson in vaginal mutilation, and the film’s other torture-porn tendencies, the most noteworthy aspect of Inferno is the cameo made by grunge-pop sensation Sky Ferreira.

Playing the weary best friend (Kaycee) of the main protagonist (Justine), Ferreira delivers fewer than thirty lines, but contributes a relatable, I-Don’t-Give-A-F**k twenty-something impersonation. Slip into the singer’s small role and read all her lines below, chronologically, but don’t forget to do so imagining a deadpan valley-girl accent, accompanied by plenty of eye-rolling and scoffing:

  • “Daylight? What the f–k?”
  • “You’d think they would be too weak from not eating. Honestly, I hope they starve to death.”
  • “So I go to this party and Scott is like, ‘You should totally rush.’ I’m like, ‘That’s retarded. That’s for kids who are stupid enough to go to Dartmouth.’”
  • “You’re one of them. I can tell.”
  • “Or you secretly want to starve yourself.”
  • “None of those girls give a f–k about developers. They just don’t want to look like they’re anorexic. None of them, not one.”
  • “The only thing those posers care about is looking like they care. It’s just a mere demonstration to appease their f–king white stupid suburban guilt.”
  • “Hi. I’m Jewish. I’m allowed to say that.”
  • “Mmmm”
  • “They deserve to get tear-gassed for waking us up so early on a Sunday.”
  • “There’s something creepy about that guy.”
  • “That’s the kind of guy you got to look out for.”
  • “Why would they do that? I mean, what’s the point?”
  • “Ugh yeah… I used to think putting in a tampon was painful.”
  • “[Mockingly] Don’t think, act. You’re not seriously thinking about going to this are you?”
  • “Cause activism is so f–king gay [Laughs.]”
  • “Are you gonna have the cheese bread?”
  • “They’re going to shoot you and bury the bodies.”
  • “This sounds insane. You know there is always a non-violent way to make a point.”
  • “It’s not violent yet, but trust me, these workers seeing you f–king up their development? It’s going to get ugly… fast.”
  • “What does your dad think about it?”
  • “What do you want me to say? I think you’re 100% wrong.”
  • “I’m probably 50/50.”
  • “I love you too. Please be safe. Bye.”
  • “Justine!”
  • “Nothing. See you later.”
  • “Hey, are you okay?”