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Rage Against the Machine’s Tim Commerford Thinks ISIS Beheading Videos Are Fake

at L.A. Rising at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum on July 30, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

The hits keep on coming for Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford, who earlier this week apologized for inspiring Limp Bizkit in an interview with Rolling Stone; now, Stereogum has pointed out that the Wakrat co-founder has shared some more of his rather blunt opinions in another Q&A with the same publication. Take a look at the most, ah, unconventional things he said below, but head on over to Rolling Stone‘s official site to read the full play-by-play of his confrontation with Buzz Aldrin about faking the moon landing.

  • On voting: “I don’t care whether a Republican or Democrat wins; the same shit’s going to happen. That’s why you’ll never see me at the ballot box ever… It’s all bullshit. They’re not the ones calling the shots. Whether it’s the heads of the corporations or the military guys that have been in there for 30 years, there’s no president coming in every four years and telling those motherfuckers what to do.”
  • On Donald Trump: “He has united these racist people in America to focus on immigration and at the last minute — mark my words — he’s going to drop out and he’s going to hand the sword over to Jeb [Bush], and Jeb will get all the supporters that Trump has.”
  • On ISIS: “I don’t believe ISIS is real. ISIS has been an inspiration for a lot of the songs that I wrote with Wakrat. I don’t believe that all the different factions in the Middle East have gotten together and said, ‘OK, we all hate each other and we all hate America, so let’s all put on the ISIS uniform and join forces and just become ISIS.’ That’s a bunch of shit. I don’t believe the Jihadi John beheading video. Go look at those videos and study them, and see if you don’t think they’re fake.”
  • On the lizard people running world governments: “[Cover-ups go] so much deeper than just the U.S. government. It’s the same people that put presidents in office all over the world. It’s a global conspiracy of people whose names we’ll never know, but they’re the ones who really run the show because they’re the ones with the deepest pockets.”
  • On the moon landing: “The one thing I always questioned: We put the flag on the moon. Why did we put a metal rod on the top of it? Why wouldn’t we just plant it into the moon’s surface and have the astronaut pull it out and let it go and we can watch it do its dance on the moon? It would’ve been an image we couldn’t have faked and one that we would have never forgotten.”