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PC Worship Have Difficulty Relaxing On ‘Social Fiction’

On their Bandcamp profile, PC Worship assert that they are aesthetically “uncommitted and explorative.” This may be true, but along with Sediment Club and the Dreebs, their resistance to a tailor-made aesthetic gives them a genuine New York spirit; they are the real McCoy because they don’t want to be. The aforementioned bands, along with Guerilla Toss and Palberta are all part of an amorphous contingency of disparate acts who endlessly caravan around the Northeast, often together, playing ebullient shows in basements, record stores, and DIY venues. PC Worship must be recording every waking moment that they aren’t touring, because their forthcoming EP Basement Hysteria is only one of 11 official releases, not mentioning side projects.

Basement Hysteria is aptly named, capturing the sentiments of noise shows in moldy Northeastern dungeons where your ear drums feel warm up to a half hour after leaving into freezing-cold weather. Maybe the EPs standout track, “Social Fiction” intersperses late ’70s downtown atonal guitar riffs and James Chance-esque saxophone murmurs in between breakdowns that resembles Electric Wizard’s bluesier tendencies. It sounds as if there’s something spooky going on in an imagined backwoods of Manhattan, and it is perfect for the frigid end of fall.

They’ve already shared the marathon-length “My Lens,” but Basement Hysteria will be released in full November 13 on Northern Spy. Listen to “Social Fiction” here.

PC Worship tour dates:

October 7 – Basel @ Kaschemme
October 8 – Paris @ Espace B
October 9 – Dudingen @ Bad Bonn
October 10 – Lyon @ Grrnd Zero
October 13 – NYC @ Bowery Ballroom with Panda Bear
November 14 – Brooklyn @ The Acheron with The Men