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Olga Bell Surveys Emotional Wreckage on ‘Rubbernecker’

Singer/songwriter Olga Bell came up in indie rock scenes as a touring member of Dirty Projectors and Chairlift, and her latest solo work to is emerging on One Little Indian — the English label that’s home to Björk. Though those associations with art-pop bonafides give some indication of her left-field approach to composition, new single “Rubbernecker” shows she won’t be so easily packaged up and filed away.

Other moments on her new EP Incitation merit comparison to experimentally leaning synth-pop acts, but this one features Bell wringing emotional turmoil out of just a piano and her own voice before swells of static come and peel off the raw outer layers. It’s nothing like the jaunty workouts of either of the previous bands she’s worked with, instead zeroing in on stormy abstractions. Mark this one both more bare and more warped than any of peers.

Incitation is out October 16 on One Little Indian.