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Nine Inch Nails to Release Vinyl Box Set, ‘Halo I-IV,’ for Record Store Day Black Friday

Nine Inch Nails are perhaps the biggest name releasing an exclusive for Record Store Day Black Friday on November 27. The group is set to release a vinyl box set entitled Halo I-IV, a collection mostly taken from their debut album, Pretty Hate Machine. According to Consequence of Sound, three of the four albums in the set are themed around the LP’s singles — “Down In It,” “Head Like a Hole,” and “Sin” — featuring alternate takes and mixes. The final record contains  the original mix of Pretty Hate Machine from its October 1989 release. Check out the full track list here.

Halo I-IV Tracklist:
Halo I
Side A:
1. “Down In It (Skin)”
2. “Down In It (Shred)”
Side B:
3. “Down In It (Singe)”

Halo II
Side A:
1. “Head Like a Hole”
2. “Terrible Lie”
3. “Down In It”
4. “Sanctified”
5. “Something I Can Never Have”
Side B:
6. “Kinda I Want To”
7. “Sin”
8. “Thats’ What I Get”
9. “The Only Time”
10. “Ringfinger”

Halo III
Side A:
1. “Head Like a Hole (Slate)”
2. “Terrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)”
3. “Head Like a Hole (Clay)”
Side B:
4. “Head Like a Hole (Copper)”
5. “You Know Who You Are”
6. “Head Like a Hole (Soil)”

Halo IV
Side A:
1. “Sin (Long)”
2. “Sin (Dub)”
Side B:
3. “Get Down, Make Love”
4. “Sin (Short)”

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