Murlo Gets Swift-Footed on Tumbling Single ‘Cascade’


It feels like crunch time on “Cascade,” one of the standout tracks from Murlo’s forthcoming EP, Odyssey — in and of itself an apt title for a collection of eight songs that should be soundtracking your brain as you choose to defy Gods and persevere through impossible odds. Despite including pitch-modulated pan flutes and shuffling hi-hats, “Cascade” is a radical departure from Murlo’s prior release, a lovely, composed two-track vocal EP featuring Gemma Dunleavy.

It’s actually a bit startling at first, but shake off the initial jolt. You’ll be rewarded with an intricate, hard-hitting banger that seamlessly blends Herculean liveliness and reverie which might confound some of the partygoers lucky enough to hear in it’s proper setting: a nightclub with giant speakers. Some of them might even think that it’s EDM about three-fifths of the way through, when Murlo boldly throws in a huge, trance-like drop. It’s layered, urgent, and a huge step for the DJ on Brooklyn’s dance label MixpakOdyssey is due out November 6. Listen to “Cascade” here.


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