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Lydmor & Bon Homme Prance About on Disco-Lite Confection ‘Trampoline’

Off of the Danish duo's forthcoming debut LP, 'Seven Dreams of Fire'

“I’ve got a gun in my hand / And it keeps killing me, man,” trills Danish singer Lydmor on “Trampoline,” drowning out a bass line that bows low enough to scrape the ground before sproinging back up like the titular platform. It’s all very Bonnie and Clyde, really: Her charmingly macabre lyrics speak to the tension she cultivates with band mate Tomas Høffding, a.k.a. Bon Homme, on their debut LP, Seven Dreams of Fire (arrives November 6 via hfn music) — a push-pull that’s also reflected in the song’s bouncing percussion and surging background strings. Though Lydmor, a.k.a. Jenny Rossander, dominates the song’s vocals, Bon Homme creeps in towards the end with elegantly guttural echoes of her exhalations. Listen to the ambiguously sexy romp here and be sure to pre-order Lydmor & Bon Homme’s Seven Dreams of Fire.