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Long Distance Poison Embrace the Horror of It All on ‘Lama Nada’

Long Distance Poison’s new tape on Chicago-based label Hausu Mountain comes with a description that sounds like body horror. Lama Nada is made up of two lengthy pieces “sculpted with the intent of conjuring abstract physical planes and embodying the shifting conditions of an organism’s state of being.” These are curdled compositions that plague your brain with grotesque images of bodies rended open — the villain from Hellraiser will start to look cuddly in comparison.

Nathan Cearley and Erica Bradbury are Long Distance Poison, and they recorded the B-side of Lama Nada in an isolated Hudson Valley home in the dead of winter, so their creeping disorientation is the real deal. Although this is their first release on Hausu Mountain, they’ve put out scattered releases on different weirdo labels since 2010, including Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace!, Digitalis, and Constellation Tatsu. Lama Nada sets itself apart from other ambient releases in that it is minimal at heart, but somewhat maximal in fruition. Negative space dominates, but is nicely accented by haunting synth lines, and percussion that sounds like it’s sneaking up on you. If David Robert Mitchell ever makes another horror movie, he should seriously consider enlisting Long Distance Poison for the score.

Listen to both sides of the tape here in advance of its October 2 release