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Jens Lekman Wants to Write a Song About Your Story

performs during Northside Festival 2012 Day 2 on June 15, 2012 in the Brooklyn burough of New York City.

Weekly postcard writer Jens Lekman is working on a new project called “Ghostwriting” with the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center in Ohio. He’s asking strangers to tell him their stories and he’ll write a song about them, which will later become available online. Lekman will be accepting submissions until October 28. Click here to submit yours.

Only catch: You must be able to meet Lekman for a one-on-one talk in Cincinnati. Meetings will take place from November 16 through 19. If your submission is accepted, Lekman will also gift you with a USB drive containing your song “as a memory and a thank you.”

“The idea behind this is that I believe everyone has an amazing story in them,” said Lekman in a written statement. “I want to hold it up to the world, but also to the participant as a mirror, allowing them to get a glimpse of who they are.”

The project, which Lekman also worked on at the Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, came from his desire “to find a more spontaneous and free outlet for my songwriting.” Check out Lekman’s most recent postcard below.