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Gwen Stefani Debuts Passionate New Song, ‘Used to Love You’

Update: Gwen Stefani’s premiered the full studio-quality version of “Used to Love You.” Hear it below.

Pop icon and Voice judge Gwen Stefani was in New York City last night at a concert with MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises series, and she decided to take the “surprise” part of that series to heart by debuting a powerful new ballad, “Used to Love You.” Stefani hinted that the song, which largely showcases her passionate, conflicted vocals over restrained, electro-pop-leaning swells of emotional synths and drum taps, will be her next single. During the concert, she also played “Fluorescent” for the first time. Watch a video of Stefani debuting “Used to Love You” here via Popcrush.