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Earl Sweatshirt Says Drake ‘Can Be a Bit of a Vulture’

Earl Sweatshirt criticized Drake on Twitter yesterday, saying that the “Hotline Bling” rapper has a habit of using up-and-coming rappers to better his own image. Responding to an Instagram Drizzy posted of himself dancing to Kodak Black, Earl tweeted “Drake found Kodak Black? smh welp.”

“Drake can be a bit of a vulture on young rap niggas and I don’t want lil kodak to be a victim of it,” he continued, explaining that, in Earl’s opinion, when Drake finds an unknown act to champion, his “overall statement isn’t ‘check out this new shit I heard,’ it’s always self serving.” Read the full series of tweets, including the one where Earl jokes that “every time I have an opinion about something an article gets written,” below.