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Arca Shimmies in High-Heeled Go-Go Boots in the ‘EN’ Video


Arca has shared another song — and the track list — from his forthcoming album Mutant (due November 20 via Mute), the follow-up to last year’s Xen. The video for “EN” features the Venezuelan-born producer slow-motion stomping, shimmying, and bending his knees in white, high-heeled go-go boots. “EN” sputters and rattles with synthesized hisses and a deeply echoing breath of a vocal sample. Watch the video here and find Mutant‘s track list and album art below.


Mutant track list:
1. “Alive”
2. “Mutant”
3. “Vanity”
4. “Sinner”
5. “Anger”
6. “Sever”
7. “Beacon”
8. “Snakes”
9. “Else”
10. “Umbilical”
11. “Hymn”
12. “Front Load”
13. “Gratitude”
14. “EN”
15. “Siren”
16. “Extent”
17. “Enveloped”
18. “Faggot”
19. “Soichiro”
20. “Peonies”

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