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Yonatan Gat Offers Another Highwire, Steve Albini-Aided Single, ‘1’

Ex-Monotonix guitarist Yonatan Gat has used his solo career to craft unpredictable six-string compositions that run amok with snipped brake lines and later this week he’ll return with another pair. This time in collaboration with drummer Gal Lazer, Gat recorded a whirlwind session at Chicago’s Electrical Audio Studios with Steve Albini that turned into the forthcoming 10-inch Physical Copy. Today, he’s sharing the a single mix of the herky “1,” which finds Gat tying technicolor guitar ribbons around the neatly packaged drum clatter offered forth by Lazer. Its tidy four-minute-and-20 second runtime is portentous for the head-spinning instrumentals contained therein. Hit play, lift off.

Listen here in advance of Physical Copy‘s September 18 release on Joyful Noise.