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Tinashe Undulates Sweatily in a Tunnel in ‘Bet’/’Feels Like Vegas’ Video

Update: Tinashe has also shared a trailer for her upcoming sophomore album, Joyride, due out this fall. The short sees the young singer in a sultry desert, and in a voiceover tells the world “I won’t be ignored.” Watch the trailer for the album and read an interview with Tinashe where she talks about her collaborators and motives on Rolling Stone.

Tinashe‘s exceptional dance moves (those splits!) need little adornment, especially in her just-released extended music video for Aquarius cuts “Bet” and “Feels Like Vegas.” Starting out with static-y segments from a Los Angeles weather report and that now-ubiquitous “Muthad on tha beat, ho!”, the clip quickly zeroes in on the singer herself, who pirouettes and runs from highway tunnel to garage while breaking some serious sweat. Watch it here.

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