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The Knocks Dream Big With Matthew Koma on ‘I Wish (My Taylor Swift)’

The Knocks have always had an ear for a strong pop hook, and now they’ve teamed up with one of Top 40’s most reliably dominant songwriters, Matthew Koma, for their smooth new single “I Wish (My Taylor Swift).” At it’s core, the song’s a really sweet daydream about love, but its lyrics go pretty deep (“Most girls / Are post-traumatic stresses / My fight or flight is up all night / Untangling the messes”), which is a sure sign of the passion involved in the track’s creation. Along with some tropical synthesizers and a neatly hollowed out vocal on the chorus, we can only cross our fingers that “I Wish (My Taylor Swift)” might inspire its titular heroine to bring the Knocks gang onstage at the 1989 tour. Hear it below.