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Superhumanoids Paint Melancholy Synth-Pop Pleasures on ‘Do You Feel OK?’

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“Do you feel OK?” ask Los Angeles electro-dance outfit Superhumanoids more than once on their new album: first on its title and then via a blippy title track. That’s a loaded question in any environment, and certainly not one you’d save for the dance floor, which is where this effort (streaming in full now) spends the majority of its time.

For all of its acid-washed, early ’80s disco orchestrations, Do You Feel OK? makes good on the title’s implied anxiety. “Visions of your face / Looking at me differently,” the band observes on the propulsive “Touch Me,” before begging, “Can you help me?”

Likewise, the flute-tinged single “Norwegian Black Metal” expands and contracts with carefree dance hooks and burbling synth-lines, but there’s a wistful undertone with questions like, “Can I take you away? Are you curious about what would change? What’s the delay?” It’s an onion of an experience: lots of layers.

Hear Do You Feel OK? below, pre-order it here, and look out for its release on September 11 via Innovative Leisure. Superhumanoids will also be heading out on tour beginning September 15th. Tickets are available here.