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Run the Jewels Promise ‘Squawk the Jewels’ and More Oddball Remixes in New ‘Colbert’ Sketch

By now you’ve all heard of Meow the Jewels, Run the Jewels’ remix of their outstanding sophomore album using nothing but cat sounds as backing beats, but Late Show host Stephen Colbert wants more. In a new skit posted to his Twitter, Colbert said he was “excited to announce that I’ve signed Run the Jewels to a multi-album deal!” Together, Killer Mike and El-P promise Squawk the Jewels, an all bird-sound remix of RTJ2. And then Couple Arguing Outside a Party the Jewels. And Fire at the Old Henderson Place the Jewels. And then many, many more, including Nixon Tapes the Jewels and The Entire Soundtrack to ‘Saturday Night Fever’ Without Modifications the Jewels.

The pair finish off by asking fans to stay tuned for Run the Jewels 3, which, according to El-P, they’ll “get to after we finish all this other s–t.” Watch below.