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Rita Ora Breaks Into a Car to Save a Fake Baby on ‘Punk’d’

Remember Punk’dWell, the celebrity prank show has been revived on BET after its initial run on MTV ended in 2007. Remember Rita Ora? No? Well, uh, okay, she’s a big pop star? She was just at the VMAs? Did that song “Body On Me?” With Chris Brown?

Anyway, she was on the most recent episode of Punk’d, and is tricked into thinking a baby is locked in the back of a car. After calling what she thinks is 911 for advice, Ora has her Uber drive break into the car, only to be accosted by the car’s supposed owner, who chews them out for smashing her window to rescue a medical doll. She’s a nurse, you see.

Terrific stuff. Watch below.

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