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Painted Zeros Announce Don Giovanni Debut ‘Floriography’ With Clouded Single ‘Pretty Rig’

Brooklyn-based three-piece Painted Zeros made a bit of opiated noise on their Svalbard EP, and now that they’ve signed to DIY institution Don Giovanni Records, it looks like they’re doubling down. They’ll return October 30 with their first full-length Floriography and lead single “Pretty Rig” offers the same sort of clouded emoting of the EP, just a little more punishing and present. Singer/guitarist Katie Lau evokes the wiry-yet-sedated presence of the more addled shoegaze acts like Swervedriver, and it goes down like a gritty puff of dust rather than the smooth weedy vapor that other revivalists evoke. The LP is available to pre-order now and you can listen to “Pretty Rig” here.

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