Oneohtrix Point Never Gnashes His Teeth on New Single ‘I Bite Through It’

Oneohtrix Point Never‘s had a strange rollout so far for his new album Garden of Delete which has involved, drones, aliens, fake interviews and small children just to name a few oddities. Now he’s come back to earth — a little — by releasing a new single and the other “smegma” of the album release cycle, a track list and an album cover.

“I Bite Through It’ features a more actively dark OPN than ever before, gnashing digitalist static and glitchy ephemera through syrupy synthscapes. It’s up there with the more out-there compositions he’s ever crafted, but that’s kind of his whole thing. Listen here and check out the rest of the Garden of Delete details over at the Oneohtrix Point Never website.

Garden of Delete track list:

1. “Intro”
2. “Ezra”
4. “Sticky Drama”
5. “SDFK”
6. “Mutant Standard”
7. “Child of Rage”
8. “Animals”
9. “I Bite Through It”
10. “Freaky Eyes”
11. “Lift”
12. No Good


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