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Hear Two New Lana Del Rey ‘Honeymoon’ Snippets

Update: Del Rey’s just shared a lengthier Honeymoon album sampler on YouTube. Watch it below.

Lana Del Rey’s third album Honeymoon is set for a September 18 release, and two new snippets from that album — songs called “Freak” and “Music To Watch Boys To” — have just surfaced. The former’s an awfully pretty, gauzy anthem with introspective lyrics such as “If time stood still / I’d take this moment / Make it last forever” and “Baby if you want to leave / Come to California / Be a freak like me too.” Meanwhile, “Music” is an echoing, layered rumination on an unreachable crush. They’re both extraordinarily pretty and semi-untouchable in the way that you’re not supposed to put your hands on art in museums, but admiring it from afar before moving on after thirty seconds is acceptable.

Here’s the “Freak” snippet (right click and hit “Play” to hear it):

And here’s “Music To Watch Boys To” in abbreviated form: