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A Chicago Teenager Covered the Entirety of Kanye West’s Discography on Guitar

Kanye West tends to inspire cultish devotion among his closest followers (look to KanyeToThe for occasionally upsetting evidence of that), but that can sometimes lead to heartwarming tributes. Enter Chicago kid Jacob Brody who, as Reverb points out, did some serious Yeezus worship by covering the full discography (Six hours and 41 minutees worth!) in one go.

“I learned most of these songs by ear and decided to record my interpretations,” Brody explained on Reverb. “The camera only let me record 15-25 minutes so each 15-25 minute take was done in one attempt. There are mistakes… I know.”

Still, it’s a respectable effort and some fairly inventive guitar work in the midst of this whole endurance test. Watch it over at Reverb (h/t Consequence of Sound).