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Jessica Simpson Seemed a Little… Off During Her Home Shopping Network Gig

Maybe she was just tired, but...

You may remember Jessica Simpson from her short-lived but relatively popular musical career. You may know her from her short-lived but relatively popular marriage to 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lacey and their ensuing MTV docuseries, Newlyweds. You may not remember her at all, which is fair.

Last night, Simpson appeared on the Home Shopping Network to promote her clothing line, and appeared — it seemed to viewers, at least — a bit wobbly. Slurring her words, flailing her arms all over the place, and cutting off the show’s hosts, the 35-year-old certainly may have taken a couple of pre-program courage boosting shots if the video footage is any indication, but who knows? This is the same woman that thought Chicken of the Sea tuna fish was actual chicken. Anyway, since you probably weren’t tuned into HSN last night, the footage is below.