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Jamie Jones Keeps Chugging Ahead on the Dark, Sleek ‘Siberian Express’


Lots of DJs say they aspire to take rapturous crowds on a “journey” with a kaleidoscope of beats somewhere on the deep-house-to-tech-house music spectrum, but Welshman and master of Ibizan ceremony Jamie Jones actually kind of does on the title track off of his forthcoming EP, Siberian Express (out October 9 via his own imprint Hot Creations).

The seven-minute cut begins with beguilingly dreamy synthesizer arpeggiations before Jones pumps the breaks and then, just as suddenly, floors it into radar-like pings punctuating the dark hisses between bass slaps. Jones doesn’t need to change the scenery all that much to keep his stony-faced momentum going, but mid-way through “Siberian Express” you can almost visualize the train shooting out of the tunnel as he floods the track, like sunlight, with a lushly blipping melody.

Of the track, Jones tells SPIN, “I wanted to make a song that was dark but light at the end. Something that I could play at the end of my sets that transitioned between a kind of raw analogue techno sound into a melodic mood whilst maintaining my groove. ‘Siberian Express’ came out and it seemed to have a great reaction from my peers and the the dance floor.” Listen here and find the lovely album artwork below.