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Scuba Turbocharges HVOB’s ‘The Anxiety to Please’ on His Techno Remix

The duo's EP, which also includes "Tender Skin," arrives September 18

A veteran’s stamp of approval is priceless — or at least worth more than is readily quantifiable in terms of album or ticket sales — and Berlin-via-U.K. techno titan Scuba has given his blessing to HVOB. An acronym for “Her Voice Over Boys,” the Vienna-based production duo of Anna Müller (who sings, writes, records, and produces) and Paul Wallner, who provides the final production touch.

Their The Anxiety to Please/Tender Skin EP arrives September 18 via German label Stil Vor Talent and includes two remixes of the titular tracks, the former of which Scuba, a.k.a. Paul Rose, has steamrolled into a steady techno thump. The original “Anxiety to Please” starts slow, with Müller’s gently accented intonation floating over occasional piano stabs and atmospheric background synths before it forays into dancier territory. Scuba wastes no time getting to the floor, chopping the vocals into two disjointed syllables as if they’re being theatrically sliced in half, building up steam as hissing synths build momentum. Listen to the track here.