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Rapper Frost Says Eazy-E Was Injected With HIV-Tainted Needles


New allegations have surfaced in the story involving Yung Eazy’s claims that Suge Knight injected his father, Eazy-E, with HIV-infected needles following a direct threat from the Death Row Records boss.

In a new interview with as part of a forthcoming documentary For the Record: The Story of Latinos in Hip-Hop, OG Latin rapper Frost — whom Eazy-E signed to his Ruthless Records in 1995 — insinuates that he knows something more than what has already been claimed, though as Uproxx points out he doesn’t name names. He says:

“I’ma tell you what happened with Eazy getting AIDS and I believe this to the day and I believe this to this day. I don’t care if you guys got it on film. You can tell the world. They gave him tainted needles with acupuncture. Needles that tainted him, they gave it to him.”

He later adds:

“What happened was is that someone, I won’t say the name, but people know the name. I don’t wanna say that name ’cause it’s the devil’s name, but another person in rap, if you know your history of rap, calls him the devil. If you know the history of rap, West Coast rap, you know who I’m saying. I was told even in my last conversation from Eazy not to even talk to that man. Not only that, but I think that they really had a stronghold of giving him tainted needles with the AIDS virus in him with acupuncture.”

Watch the full interview here.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misidentified Frost’s claims as evidence, not as allegations.