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Drake and Future Might Be Putting Out a Mixtape Together

In the late summer of 2015, there are few possible rap collaborations that sound as exciting as a Drake and Future team-up. And now, if the above album art is anything to go by, such a glorious mixtape might soon be a reality.

OB Brien, an artist with OVO, posted an Instagram of what looks a whole lot like a Drake-Future mixtape cover, combining the OVO owl and Future’s dripping purple aesthetic, only to delete it soon after. However, the Internet noticed, and the Internet never forgets.

It’s a pretty convincing piece of evidence, though Uproxx has accrued even more anecdotes supporting the mixtape’s existence. Future did announce he had another album coming out this year, and Meek Mill, Drake’s sworn nemesis, reportedly forbade the DJ at Made in America from playing any of Future’s tracks. Which, while petty, makes sense if Drizzy and he are collaborating.

Lastly, Angela Yee and Charlamagne might’ve let the truth slip on The Breakfast Club earlier this week. When Yee alluded to a possible Drake and Future project, Charlamagne quickly responded “shut up Yee, Jesus Christ.” She later tweeted “🙊” when pressed for further details.

While nothing’s set in stone, the odds are looking good. Drake was, after all, the only feature on Future’s Dirty Sprite 2, so it’ll be interesting to see what else they can make together.