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Ciara Covered the Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black’ for a New Vin Diesel Movie

The logic behind this is mostly confounding

Update: The full version of Ciara’s “Painted Black” is here (and it’s good, too). Check it out on ThatGrapeJuice.

R&B singer Ciara released her stellar new album Jackie earlier this year, an album filled with genre-bending songs and some pretty gorgeous singing too. Now she’s already back at it, covering the classic Rolling Stones’ hit “Paint It Black” in the new trailer for a confounding-looking Vin Diesel movie called The Last Witch Hunter. You can’t hear much of the song, though you get basically its full chorus and post-chorus breakdown in the clip, with Ciara’s honeyed vocals working in tandem with the bombastic track. It’s a weird choice all around but one that sounds surprisingly successful on its first listen.