Willis Earl Beal Spent Nearly Two Weeks in Jail

[articleembed id=”152612″ title=”Nobody Is Nowhere: Willis Earl Beal Talks 'Noctunes' and His Hazy Future” image=”152613″ excerpt=”Willis Earl Beal is hard to get ahold of”]

Lo-fi R&B singer Willis Earl Beal was released from a Portland jail on Tuesday after spending nearly two weeks locked up on criminal mischief and harassment charges. The 31-year-old was arrested in the early hours of July 23 and released yesterday. A representative for Beal confirms that he is now out of jail.

The exact nature of the incident that led to the arrest has not been confirmed, but the description on a YouCaring page set up to raise bail money reads: “All great artists have a crazy night every now and then. That doesn’t mean they deserve to be in jail for an indefinite amount of time.” Jean Smith of Mecca Normal alleged on Twitter that the incident involved a broken window at a venue, and Beal’s rep told SPIN that those “assumptions are correct.”


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