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Wilco Brought Out Jenny Lewis and Ben Gibbard to Play ‘California Stars’

[articleembed id=”154287″ title=”Review: Wilco Do Without Trying on 'Star Wars'” image=”154290″ excerpt=”It’s now been over a decade since Wilco released A Ghost Is Born, the band’s highly anticipated follow up to its 2002 opus, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”]

Wilco only just released their new album Star Wars — they’ve been playing it in full at festival appearances, too — and last night, the 20-year-old band brought Jenny Lewis and Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard onstage in Redmond, Washington for a performance of Woody Guthrie’s “California Stars.” It was, of course, an incredible version of the already pristine track. Both Gibbard and Lewis ceded the stage mostly to Jeff Tweedy, hopping in on well-layered harmonies and some tambourine jangling along the way. Keep an eye out for Bill Frisell and Scott McCaughey too: What a stacked show.