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Watch of Montreal’s Elaborate Stop-Motion ‘Last Rites at the Jane Hotel’ Video

If you know anything about stop-motion — the style of animation behind the original King KongWallace and Gromit, and the first ever South Park episodes — you know that it takes forever. The music video for of Montreal’s “Last Rites at the Jane Hotel,” looks like an especially labor-intensive feat, as it’s an elaborate and charming series of painstakingly animated cutouts.

Director Matthew Cooper told the Creators Project, who premiered the video, that it took him several months to create the biking skeletons, peel-away faces, bunny band, and other imaginative visuals. “I animated everything in 2D first, and then all those things were cut out of wood and then hand-painted,” he told the Creators Project. “The tone of the song’s lyrics are quite dark… but the music has this technicolor and upbeat kind of tone to it so I think that’s what I tried to do with the video.”

Watch the video for “Last Rites at the Jane Hotel,” off of of Montreal’s latest album, Aureate Gloomhere.