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Watch Isaac Brock Endure Vanessa Bayer’s Hilariously Harsh ‘Sound Advice’

Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer offered up another installment of her web series Sound Advice, and this time, Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock was the poor musician subjected to her objectively terrible advice. Bayer, playing media publicist Janessa Slater, opens up by criticizing the band’s name, “because modesty is for losers and mice are taking over my apartment.”

She later goes on to suggest that Brock make a Pixar-style movie about the band, and proposes that they explore the festival circuit, surmising that “there’s a ton of mediocre white people with a ton of disposable income who like to blow it listening to middle-aged lumbersexuals sing them lullabies in a wet field.” Brock, for what it’s worth, it a pretty good sport, if a little confused. Watch it here.