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Tijuana Panthers ‘Set Forth’ in Search of Pleasure on New Single

Channeling hometown sunny-side energy of Long Beach, California, Tijuana Panthers let their Pacific surf-punk influences eagerly drive their newest track “Set Forth.” Starting off with a funk-driven bass line and pasted against warm, distorted rhythm guitar, the trio makes an charming impression contrasted with drummer Phil Shaheen’s forceful vocals. Yelping as if he’s calling for a (potentially sexual?) revolution, Shaheen cries, “Set forth the newfound pleasures/Set forth the tone/She’s on the phone/And she wants it now.”

“Set Forth” is the second single from Tijuana Panthers’ upcoming full-length POSTER (out August 28). The new LP was only recorded in two days, escaping any preconceived barriers for its making and letting the music contort around the trio at its own free will: “[Tijuana Panthers] have freed themselves only to be trapped again and again, in this moment, making noise, stretching out, letting odds and ends fall where they may.”

Tijuana Panthers just finished a European tour, but keep an eye out for POSTER on August 28 via Innovative Leisure.