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Sylvan Esso Share New Music Snippet, Possible Second Album Release Date

[articleembed id=”151950″ title=”Sylvan Esso Are Giving Themselves 'Full Permission to Just Make Bangers'” image=”152017″ excerpt=”When SPIN first dials up Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath at the duo’s Durham, North Carolina, home, we’re greeted on multiple attempts with her charming sing-song-y voicemail message”]

Sylvan Esso’s self-titled debut was one of SPIN’s favorite albums of 2014, and now the synth-folk duo has teased what appears to be a release date for their sophomore effort — or at least for some kind of new music. Nick Sanborn, the keyboard/producer half of the group, posted a tweet with a 15-second video of a snippet of some warbly, dreamy synths, and a date: November 6, 2015. When SPIN spoke to Sylvan Esso last month they weren’t ready to share any hard details yet, but they expected that the as-yet untitled record would come out sometime after they finish touring in November. Listen to the sneak peek below.