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Oneohtrix Point Never Announces ‘Garden of Delete’ LP

Update: Oneohtrix Point Never has shared a teaser video for the new record called “G.O.D. flame,” watch it here.

Update 2: Lopatin has shared a second teaser called “G.O.D. gun,” watch it over at Vulture.

Update 3: Warp Records has shared a third teaser, this one titled “G.O.D. drone.” It’s mostly drone-shot footage of a bunch of people LARPing. Watch it here.

New York-based composer/producer Daniel Lopatin never makes anything easy, not even album announcements. Today, the man who primarily records as Oneohtrix Point Never updated his website with a link to a nigh-inscrutable pdf — a letter to his fans, reproduced in part up above, that’s part pictorial poem and part riddle. But buried in the absurd questionnaire with an alien named Ezra is a link to a fictional interview between Lopatin and the extraterrestrial, as Pitchfork points out.

In that chat, Lopatin lets slip that he has a new album called Garden of Delete (“or G.O.D. for short”) due out in November. He mentions a few other details about its construction elsewhere, but given the overall insanity of the whole endeavor it’s hard to tell exactly what’s real and what’s not.

He says it was birthed from “thinking about puberty” while he was on tour with Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden.

“When I went on tour with NIN, Reznor gave me the green light to attempt cyberdrone for Soundgarden audiences in broad daylight,” he explains. “By the time Soundgarden hit the stage their fans were exausted [sic], often irritated. So that was interesting, however the whole thing had me questioning the effectiveness of cyberdrone beyond the Live Nation context.”

You’ll want to read the whole thing over at Ezra the alien’s blog, or for a more readily legible chat, check out SPIN’s 2013 interview with Lopatin.