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Gracie Looks to a Not-So-Distant Past on ‘Jesse’ Single

Gracie Jackson is a connoisseur of stoned alt-rock trademarks: lethargic guitar licks, smoky vocals, and droopy, plodding bass lines. The first single from her self-titled debut, “Jesse,” is a bitterly nostalgic introduction as Jackson croons about the sour side of romance: “If it’s any indication/why you shouldn’t waste your time/but these days it’s not so easy/love is not so cut and dry.” The Boston singer/songwriter sounds spectral, lingering for four minutes over the guitar-heavy jam with haunting simplicity, a reminder that, perhaps, that the harshest flavors stick around the longest.

Jackson is planning to release her debut LP September 18 on Wavves’ Nathan Williams’ Ghost Ramp Records. Check out “Jesse” here.