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GospelbeacH Return to the Shore for ‘Mick Jones’ Single

As a founding member of Beachwood Sparks, Brent Rademaker built a castle of sand out of gently twanging guitar lines and jaunty basswork and from the looks of things he’s returning to those warm shores for his new band GospelbeacH. Along with singer/guitarists Neal Casal and Jason Soda, bassist Kip Boardman and drummer Tom Sanford, Rademaker’s again making a sleepy (stoned?) version of folk-rock structures that’s somewhere between kaleidoscopic alt-country and the times when the Grateful Dead decided to color within the lines.

Case in point is new single “Mick Jones” (despite the name, no resemblance to the Clash), a strummy mixture of lapping acoustic guitar lines and sandy vocalizations, the sort of song that allows you to kick back and watch the world float away. Welcome back to the beach.

GospelbeacH’s debut LP Pacific Surf Line is out October 9 on Alive Naturalsound.