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Frank Ocean’s Troll Brother Rickrolls Fans Eager for ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

[articleembed id=”154548″ title=”'Boys Don't Cry,' But Frank Ocean's Fans Do: A Twitter Roundup” image=”123336″ excerpt=”It has officially been more than three grueling years of waiting for the new Frank Ocean album”]

July has come and gone, and Frank Ocean did not give up his promised new album, potentially titled Boys Don’t Cry. Maybe that’s why his mischievous brother directed eager fans towards an artist who would never mislead his fans that way.

On Saturday Ocean’s younger brother Ryan Breaux posted an Instagram of a picture teasing the album with the caption “Its finally out! Link in my bio 🔥.” The shortened iTunes link led not to the highly anticipated Channel Orange follow-up but to the page of the infamous music video for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

It’s a pretty good troll, but it’s nothing compared to telling millions of fans that you’ll be releasing an album in July and not following through with it or explaining yourself 💅. (h/t Stereogum)

Its finally out! Link in my bio 🔥

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