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Ecca Vandal Sounds Off on Dominating New Single ‘Father Hu$$la’

Good luck getting this one out of your head

Ecca Vandal is reed-voiced renegade based in Melbourne but born in South Africa with Sri Lankan heritage. That globe-hopping background might explain her sound, which the untrained ear might hear as M.I.A. but a more precise listen betrays her real roots: the slamming insistence of the Prodigy, for whom Vandal opened in Australia last year.

Now Vandal’s premiering “Father Hu$$la,” a loud, declarative statement of intent. “Where are the trees with the money?” she cries as her voice claws around, lashing out with restraint. The singer’s got the attitude of a young, punky Gwen Stefani mixed with A$AP Rocky’s syrupy, rhyme-at-his-own-pace flow — in no uncertain terms, it’s impossible to turn away from Ecca Vandal once she starts up.

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