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Deerhunter Begin Countdown to Sunday Night on Their Website

This weekend just got a whole lot more exciting for fans of indie rock inscrutability. The website of Atlanta “ambient punk” enigmas Deerhunter has recently been updated to include two new developments: A countdown clock in the lower-right corner (which will expire this Sunday at 11:00 PM EST), and a new click-through page entitled “Faulkner,” featuring a creepy .gif of what seems to be frontman Bradford Cox’s face being quickly overtaken by a picture of a dog.

There are many questions, the majority of which Stereogum has already done the Lord’s work in attempting to answer. The clock most likely has something to down with the new album Cox alluded to as coming “really soon” back in June, and according to a MusicDirect pre-order page, an Instagram post, and this new page’s own source code, the LP is most likely titled Fading Frontier. (As for why the dog, apparently “Faulkner” is the name of Cox’s canine companion.)

The album isn’t definitely coming tomorrow night — according to the MusicDirect page, the set doesn’t become available until October 16 — but something of important certainly seems to be. Keep your eye on the faux-Animorph.