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Bueno Loosen Up on Dreamy Single ‘Babyface’

Their debut LP 'Guilt' is out Friday August 14 on Babe City

The New York natives in Bueno have always made a clanging version of post-punk structures befitting the overgrown sprawl of their place of birth, but their latest single “Babyface” serves to prove that even the most anxious Staten Islanders can get loaded and make Loaded. Singer Luke Chiaruttini still fills his love song with beer cans and cigarette burns, but this is otherwise the most tender track they’ve released to date, a fluttering and warmhearted evocation of a sunny morning out in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, miles from the heart of the city’s bustle.

This is the latest single from the band’s debut LP Guilt, which comes out this Friday, August 14, on Babe City Records. Listen here.

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