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Blue Daisy Sinks Low and Mellow on ‘Alone’ with Connie Constance


Daisies are a bit of a paradox. On the one hand the little white-and-yellow flowers represent demure traits like innocence, modesty, simplicity; they also spring up in steamy, tempestuous summer thunderstorms. Blue Daisy, a.k.a. London-based musician, producer, and songwriter Kwesi Darko, falls into the latter category.

His new album, Darker Than Blue (due September 25 via R&S Records), boldly pushes through sticky cobwebs on the fringes of jazz, classical, and electronica, much like former R&S associate James Blake and eerily similar-voiced Brit King Krule. “Alone,” featuring the dulcet, wise-beyond-years vibrato of singer Connie Constance, endlessly questions the two distinct vocalists’ feelings of isolation as their cries circle each other, gently led through a three-chord haze of keyboards.

Of the track, Darko says,

“‘Alone’ is basically about the realisation [sic] of what’s really real within our existence, the two main facts in life is that we are born and then we die, with that come love and loss. But above all, all we really have in this world is us, me, you, him, her. We’re birthed to this world alone and we shall die alone, no one person’s existence is anyone else’s, we’re out here alone, we are for a moment, not forever, but a limited time, so why find comfort in the form of what others see as comfortable? I find comfort in my solitude, only I can change MY mind.”

“Connie is like my anima, she really is, her presence is that which only brings nothing but positivity and light even in the darkest circumstances, her words are mightier than a sword in my eyes, she is the truth, the light and the way for our future, especially in a time where the younger generations role models in the public eye are so fabricated, Cons doesn’t posses one bone of falseness and she is her own leader and follower. Vote Connie Constance!!”

Take a listen here.