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Yung Are ‘Burning Bodies’ on Fiery New Single

Danish punk quartet Yung are, well, young, but the band, led by 21-year-old vocalist Mikkel Holm Silkjær, make nuanced rock with a veteran’s edge. So it’s to be expected that the latest track they’ve shared, “Burning Bodies,” is more slow simmer than blazing inferno. The b-side of the band’s upcoming seven-inch, it’s built on a dirge-like drone that slowly grows as the track lumbers on, shrouded in wheezing guitars. Silkjær might sound detached as he sings about “burning lovers,” but the Paul Westerberg-style grit in his voice keeps the pyre lit under this brooding affair.

On the heels of A-side “Blanket,” stream “Burning Bodies” right here. The “Blanket/Burning Bodies” seven-inch is out July 24 via Tough Love.