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Wilco Just Released a Surprise Album Called ‘Star Wars’

Wilco, Star Wars

Update: Wilco’s new album is streaming in full via their YouTube channel.

Wilco have caused a great disturbance in the internet this evening with the surprise release of Star Wars, the band’s latest album. The LP, which runs a lean 11 songs and 33 minutes — including tracks called “Taste the Ceiling” and “Random Name Generator” — and is available for a free download with your email address. (As if it wasn’t net-friendly enough with that title and that artwork already.) Grab a copy for yourself over at, and check out the track list below.

Star Wars track list:

1. “EKG”
2. “More…”
3. “Random Name Generator”
4. “The Joke Explained”
5. “You Satellite”
6. “Taste the Ceiling”
7. “Pickled Ginger”
8. “Where Do I Begin”
9. “Cold Slope”
10. “King of You”
11. “Magnetized”