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Wavves ‘Leave’ Reality Behind in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Music Video

As you might already be aware, Wavves contributed a track to a compilation album for Grand Theft Auto V called Welcome to Los Santos.

[articleembed id=”151390″ title=”Review: Wavves x Cloud Nothings Enjoy Group Therapy on 'No Life for Me'” image=”151411″ excerpt=”On the surface, the quasi-surprise teaming of Cloud Nothings and Wavves seems like the indie-punk version of the classic Loner Weirdo and Crowd-Pleasing Hitmaker archetype pair — a fixture of great pop partnership since at least Lennon and McCartney, right up to Kanye and Jigga”]

Today that track, titled “Leave,” has a video animated in GTAV style. Filmed by YeahMAP, the winner of of a recent Rockstar Editor contest, the clip features a tense sort of jail break situation that, in all likelihood, would get a more cinematic ending than the one that recently made the news. Watch “Leave” here.